We spent some 4 hours with Neal and Debbie at Tony Wild Camping yesterday and all went extremely well. They were excellent in taking us through the put up and put down and showing us the various systems. All good. After a nervous start, the towing went like a dream and it came home to Lincolnshire perfectly. We are incredibly pleased with it so far. An experimental putting up and down this afternoon and then off to North Yorkshire for 5 days, before a France trip in early September.

Steve and Judy Lumb - July 2017

Since picking up our OPUS in January this year we have used it on a variety of sites - from a dead flat sheltered caravan site in Harrogate to a more remote sloping site in the middle of North Wales.

The latter was a challenge as the weather varied from bright sunshine to torrential rain and high winds, the OPUS coped admirably (though we had a few sleepless nights!).

Everywhere we have been the OPUS has caused a great deal of interest especially with a group of campervanners who commented on the amount of room inside!

We are very pleased with the OPUS - a change from our Dandy trailer tent - interior is massive, the heater is great and so is the fridge. Already planning camping holidays for next year - probably the West Coast of Ireland or the Far North of Scotland.

Liz and Barrie Lockwood - December 2016

We were in the market for something that the family could use when camping but not being caravan people we had discounted a folding camper until we stumbled across the OPUS.

We were initially attracted to the modern appearance of the OPUS compared to some other older style models. However, the main attraction for us as a family is the tardis-like interior space and the comfy beds, which for us are really important (hip replacement/dodgy knees!). We also liked the fact that the OPUS is really easy to tow and to store.

We were also very impressed with the high specification of the kitchen area and the in-built sound system and cinema system with projector screen, which we chose as additional options.

We have used the OPUS in all 4 seasons, even high winds and it held up extremely well. We feel that the OPUS is very stylish, comfortable and practical way for our family to camp.

Lisa Alder - December 2016

We drove down to Ipswich in May 2016 from our home in Shropshire to pick up our new OPUS and by mid October we had completed no less than 7 holiday destinations.

I've been a camper all my life - from back-backing, wild-camps and mountain bivvying to large tents on posh camp sites with hook-ups - but I have to say there's something great about just hitching up and going! So it's been wonderful just exploring different parts of dear old England and my favourite country away from our own; Wales, where we stayed at a lovely campsite just outside Abersoch on the Llynn Peninsular for our first OPUS holiday. It was a lovely sunny week with no rain at all. I was keen to see how the OPUS stood up to a few drops or more of the wet stuff but to no avail.

Moving on for a short stay in Frodsham and then to our annual family camp at Fenny Bentley, Derbyshire, the weather continued to be very warm and dry, perfect for camping but still no rain to test the canvas. Various other trips were completed but it wasn't until September on a terrific campsite near Barrow-upon-Soar in my home county of Leicestershire that we actually had rain. It was on the first night and it was heavy, windy and sustained but I'm pleased to say our OPUS took it all in its stride!

Over these few months we also stayed at Hebden Bridge on two different sites on two different occasions and finished our final holiday of the year at Mordiford, Herefordshire on another excellent and well-appointed site.

So we've had some great OPUS times so far and looking forward to early spring when we'll be hitching up again and moving on out once more to who knows where?

Our OPUS has given our camping experiences a new and exciting lease of life and has stood up well wherever we've been and although our first pitch and pack-down took us an age, it's certainly true what the hard-working and helpful staff at the main office tell you; practice makes perfect! With just my partner Pam we work as a team each having our own little tasks in a set order, and we now feel we're like a well-oiled machine.

So... safe to say we've fully enjoyed our first OPUS year and are looking forward to many more. Oh... and by the way we're both in our late 60's so we're no spring chickens!

Paul and Pam Watts - December 2016

We bought our OPUS early in 2016 after a few years of renting VW Campervans. We had young kids (5 years and 6 years) who really enjoy camping and whom were able to fit neatly in the pop-top of the VW. Our issue was that they were growing, wouldn't fit comfortably in a van and we had another baby on the way so needed a camping solution that can grow with us!

The OPUS is perfect because it has easily enough room for 4 (in fact we're planning on having 3 kids in one end), it's separate to the car so you have a vehicle while away, everything stows away neatly, the beds are amazingly comfortable (wife was happy 7 months pregnant), and they are fun! We now way prefer the OPUS to the VW - and get just as many admirers on the campsite except now its not to provide advice on getting the engine started!

We had several holidays last year and plan many more in 2017!

Toby Byrne - December 2016

Since we collected our OPUS Camper at the end of March 2016 we have been on 6 different holidays, ranging from long weekends to a 15 day trip. Until Wallie (our OPUS!) had to go into hibernation for winter we had owned him for 150 days of which we spent 31 nights with him. After each stay we were reluctant to go back into our house and sleep indoors again. We can't wait until next Spring! We love the flexibility of the setup. Every time we built Wallie, we used him differently, from the small basic setup to the full awning, with or without side skirts. Whatever the need was, there was the perfect setup possible.

The McMillan's - December 2016

2016 was our first year with the OPUS after a rather impulse purchase, one I am pleased to say that we have not regretted. Our OPUS has transformed our camping experience, so much more comfortable than our old family tent. Every time we set up it gives us all a warm contented feeling and has proved to be just as popular with our camping friends who can't keep away! Six fab trips away this year, even North Wales was a dream, roll on next year when we plan to hit the continent.

The Elliott Family - December 2016

One year into OPUS ownership and we've had a great Spring and Summer of new places and quick getaways. Our two children; Freddie and Alice would go away every weekend if they could! The OPUS provides comfort and is quick to pitch. Fantastic customer support, especially the workshop team who really went the extra mile to help me out after dropping our OPUS off for a minor repair. We are looking forward to 2017.

Steve & Sally Rotherham - November 2016

We collected the Opus in May 2015 and it is fantastic. We have been to Cornwall a few times and hooked up with friends and their campers and tents. One cool evening five of us and Daisy May sat around the table and played cards. Plenty of room and we were all warm with the built in heater system. The lights inside were great too. Of course everyone used us to charge their iPhones and iPads. Really handy having that facility. Cold Prosecco from our fridge... We had a great evening.

Sarah Pollard - July 2015

Picked up our new camper from Lee and the Team back in late November. Took it for a pitch at Run Cottage Farm in Suffolk and had a great weekend playing with our new toy. Some fun working out how everything fits together and trying to drive away with handbrake on :) A truly superb and rugged piece of kit and warm as toast even on a frosty night with the heater on. Amazingly easy to tow, you just don't know it's there. I even managed to reverse it into my driveway Sooo looking forward to the camping season starting up again and to setting up with the awning when it arrives so we can play for real. It's sitting proudly outside our house in all its orange splendor just waiting to be used. Big thanks to all the OPUS team!

Andy Jones - Jan 2015

Great weekend! Hitching up and towing was easy. When we got home I managed to reverse the trailer into my drive, unhitch it, move it into place and put the feet down in about 20 mins which I was well chuffed with.

Towing was a dream, barely knew it was there and needs a little concentration to keep the speed down :)

All in all a very successful first test and we are well pleased with it. Itching to take it out again.

Mr Jones - Dec 2014

I picked up our new family OPUS on a winter's day, so it was good to meet up with Lee and Yemi in the shelter of their large workshop. Our OPUS was ready and waiting in full camping mode, giving me the chance to check it over, inside and out.

Lee walked me through the "spec" and the optional extras we had chosen. Yemi gave me the technical tour of the OPUS, followed by a detailed demonstration of how to pack everything up. Nothing was too much trouble and they both went to great lengths to make sure that I was satisfied with every aspect.

We hitched up the OPUS for the customary photo, and the trailer suddenly looked bigger than I remembered. Our car is not particularly powerful and I doubted the wisdom of our purchase for a moment!! But I was relieved to find the OPUS extremely easy to tow. It is substantial enough to stay planted on the road, but light enough to tow behind a normal family car. Clacton-on-Sea to the West Country in wind and rain was a pretty good test, and there was never a problem.

Our two children will discover our OPUS on Christmas Day.... can't wait to see their faces!!! Many thanks to Lee and Yemi for their friendly and professional handover; It was a really great day out. Roll on the spring!!

Ben Thomas & Family - Dec 2014

We are delighted with our OPUS. It has gone to bed for the winter in a nice cozy barn.
The experience of collecting was incredibly helpful and the option to stay the night at the campsite and test everything was brilliant.
We had a couple of niggles that were sorted really quickly without any fuss and we are now planning our holidays for next year.
We are pleased to have gone for the OPUS and would recommend the product fully.
It is easy to set up and fun to use and turns plenty of heads at the campsite. People always comment on the fact that this is the camper on the Apprentice.
Thank you so much for the support and help you have offered. We have a fun filled holiday season ahead

Mr Griffin-Raphael - Oct 14

It was the best holiday we've had. The opus was great. Towing it was easy , its road manners were superb. So easy to use. Thrilled with the product. Just excited to go away in it again. Completely at liberty to just hitch up and go on holiday... have it in mind to go away for many more 'cheeky' weekend holidays.

Mr & Mrs Stanton - Mar 2014

We've been camping since we collected the camper and everywhere we've been people can't stop commenting and asking us about it. Everyone seems to really fall in-love with how it looks, it's practicalities and just how spacious it looks.

Mr & Mrs Letuka - Oct 2013

Very proud of our camper, it certainly lived up to our expectations when pitching it... The skylight panels in the camper and the full awning were fantastic and we can’t wait to go stargazing again... the epitome of luxury... we look forward to many holidays and long weekends away next year.

Mr King - Aug 2013